Crisis management

Crisis ... what crisis?

Hopefully most businesses never need to think of this, but sometimes, despite the advertisements, a drama does turn into a crisis. How can this happen ... possibly a little like this:

  • a senior member of staff leaves suddenly
  • a really important assignment which everyone thought someone else was doing has not been done
  • the systems have crashed
  • fire, fraud or theft have compromised the future of the enterprise

When one of our clients recently required emergency help from us, she said that an 'aura of calm' suddenly descended over the organisation; that is our aim. Every business might need emergency staff, systems help and advice, a specialist to pull around one area of the business or just someone for a member of the management team to bounce ideas off. We try to assist you, both as a professional firm and as an objective friend, and also by making introductions to relevant specialists, so that a crisis does not turn into a drama as well!