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Expertise and insight

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Today's business environment is fast moving and highly competitive. This flows into most individuals’ private lives where the competing demands of family and business often make it difficult to devote adequate time to a person’s own financial housekeeping.

Like any good professional adviser, we aim to look both at you and your organisation in a slightly different way from yourself.

In a business context, we'll be considering external trends and influences and the likely impact that they will have on the aspirations and objectives of your organisation. We'll be helping you to cope and comply with statutory requirements and tax legislation whilst advising you on cash management, sources of finance and options for growth which provide the background for effective planning. We may also be helping you to plan and implement new recording procedures, setting up systems or advising you on corporate or personal tax issues.

We'll probably be conducting an audit or assurance review, helping you to finalise accounts, prepare business plans, financial forecasts and cashflow projections.

Our aim is to be both personally involved but professionally detached; providing you with the kind of sounding board you need to develop and evaluate strategy combined with the infrastructure and financial expertise to see that strategy through.

In a personal context, we will aim to ensure that you have the resources to meet your goals, whether that involves a choice of investment, planning for a lifestyle change, taking some time out or just doing your own thing ...

Dynamic and resourceful

At Barcant Beardon, our aim is to offer you the best of both worlds: a small firm with the personal touch, coupled with the resources and expertise of a large practice. Each client is individually linked with the partner whose area of expertise best fits the task. They, in turn, have access to the rest of the team and to our 'expert net' - a range of associates and colleagues with specific specialist experience and expertise.

The expert net is our way of staying small enough to have a hands-on relationship with all our clients, whilst at the same time being powerful enough to deal with complex situations.

As a client, you benefit from access to this specialist expertise whenever you need it ... which, of course, means that when you don't need it, you don't pay for it.

Our Clients

Every client is unique and is treated uniquely. They have ranged from organisations with turnovers between a few thousand and 30 million pounds and from start-up situations with nothing but hope for the future to highly successful businesses with values well into eight figures. Our personal clients have an equally stimulating background!

We enjoy having a wide and diverse client base; it challenges us in our approach to people and organisations. It means that lessons and insights that we learn from one area can be applied to others. It means that we are continually aware that professional life is one of partnership, opportunity and ... dare we say it - fun.