Welcome to the Barcant Beardon website

In today's complex financial and business world, everyone needs reliable, professional help in managing both their business and private finances to maximise both personal satisfaction and profit.

But the business environment demands more than just profit; the jungle of regulatory legislation and compliance means that at some point, most businesses and individuals need to call on outside expertise to assist them.

At Barcant Beardon, we aim to offer not just a full range of professional services but also a unique insight into your business. Unique because whilst we can get as close to the business as you are, we remain more detached than you can ever be.

Like a good family doctor, the relationship that we offer to you is built on mutual trust, personal integrity and professional expertise. Since 1980, we have been providing this service to business, public sector organisations and charities. We also advise and serve individuals from all parts of the community including artists, entertainers and other professionals.