Self assessment

Taking the pain out of your tax returns

Much like Easter Monday, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, your self-assessment deadline is a constant on your calendar.

Should you decide to let your self-assessment fall by the wayside, you’ll risk incurring penalties or even an investigation. Filing and submitting your return on time is the easiest way to maintain a healthy working relationship with HMRC. Why not get a head start?

You’ll be glad to know we can do this for you. Rather than waiting a few months into the tax year, we’ll hit the ground running and start gathering your information as soon as possible. This way, we can help you plan your tax payments which, in turn, will allow you to budget throughout the year and perhaps even claim back some overpaid tax.

While we understand it can be easy just to pay whatever you believe you owe HMRC, there are ways of lowering your tax bill. Whether you consider making use of dividends to lower your income tax rate or claim for any allowable expenses you’ve incurred over the year, there are ways to ensure you’re not getting short-changed – while still meeting your liabilities.

Your tax returns shouldn’t be a cause of concern, and with Barcant Beardon, they no longer will be.

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“I moved to Barcant Beardon in 2011 and have been consistently impressed with their professional and proactive approach. They introduced me to XERO accounting in January 2013, which with their dedicated support and expertise was a very smooth transition. XERO has made managing my financial affairs easier and less time consuming and I have not looked back since!”

- Louise Petre

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