Annual accounts

Keeping your company compliant

As a company director, chances are you’ll have a million jobs to do and only so many hours in the day. But one important task you cannot afford to miss is the preparation of your statutory annual accounts.

You’re expected to submit both your annual accounts and your corporation tax return to Companies House and HMRC within nine months of your financial year-end.

The process is complex and drawn out, so rather than spend your own time poring over the paperwork, let us take it off your hands.

With our help, your annual accounts will be completed accurately and submitted well within the timeframe. You won’t need to worry about late filing penalties because we’ve got it covered.

Your accounts aren’t just important for compliance needs — they’re also essential if you’re hoping to receive funding from banks or investors. They’ll want to check over your returns to ensure you’re in a position to pay them back.

With us submitting your accounts well before the deadline, you could potentially see your credit score improve, which can be especially important for newer companies looking to get the strongest start possible.

Don’t let your annual accounts deadline become a cloud over your calendar. Get in touch and ask us how we can help.


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“I moved to Barcant Beardon in 2011 and have been consistently impressed with their professional and proactive approach. They introduced me to XERO accounting in January 2013, which with their dedicated support and expertise was a very smooth transition. XERO has made managing my financial affairs easier and less time consuming and I have not looked back since!”

- Louise Petre

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