The assurance report you need

There’s no avoiding it: if you own a company, chances are you may, at some point, have to arrange an audit.

That’s not a suggestion – you’re required to undergo one if your company meets any two of the following criteria:

  • its turnover is more than £10.2 million
  • it has assets worth above £5.1m
  • it employs over 50 people.

Audits are stressful, as financial auditors poke around in your financial data and look for things to pull you up on. But they don’t have to be – the trick is getting an auditor who puts you and your team first during a financial inspection.

Our approach as auditors is just that, so we’ll plan carefully and well in advance to minimise any disruption our important work causes and remain as discreet as possible.

But it would be a mistake for you to consider an audit as a horror for you to get through. Instead, think of it an opportunity for you to learn more about how the business is performing and whether there are chances or problems on the horizon. With that in mind, while we’re happy to work with you during the audit, we’ll always be honest too – making sure you understand both what’s working well and what needs improvement.

With our accurate and professionally run audit, our clients are able to get back to the core of their business with calm and clarity. Meanwhile, investors will have the assurance they need to keep their money in your business, impressed by your diligence and your audit report.


What’s it like to
work with us?

“I moved to Barcant Beardon in 2011 and have been consistently impressed with their professional and proactive approach. They introduced me to XERO accounting in January 2013, which with their dedicated support and expertise was a very smooth transition. XERO has made managing my financial affairs easier and less time consuming and I have not looked back since!”

- Louise Petre

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